Multiple AP Profiles


Our Customers WLAN consists of BLC710 and 14 AP Ones and it is used for multiple purposes. One of departments asked us to create a SSID that would work on different channels than other SSIDs. All SSID have to be broadcasted from same AP, but using different channels.

I tried to achieve that by using AP Profile settings, but channel selection affects all SSIDs applied to one AP profile. Then I created separate profile for channel-isolated SSID, but it is not possible to apply two AP Profiles to one device.

Do you have any idea on how do I fulfill their requirements? Maybe allowing more than 1 AP Profile to be applied to AP would be a good solution?


One radio can be configured to one channel only. For example, if you have an AP One AC Mini which supports dual radio as below.
2.4GHz - Channel 1
5GHz - Channel 36

The created SSIDs can be associated with 2.4GHz or 5GHz or both radio. Hence, you only have max 2 SSIDs with the different channel in an AP One AC Mini based on your requirement. This is the standard and applied to all APs in the market.

Hope this helps.

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