Multigigabit Connections Within A LAN

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I am not a networking guru. I have a relatively large home network. It consists of a Peplink Balance One, HP Gigabit Switch and a Pepwave AP one lite AC with Starlink Internet Service. Prior to Starlink I had 2 5mbps WAN connections. Starlink has removed my need for a multi-wan connection. However I am using MAC based DHCP that along with peplink never goes down. I am not looking to change/upgrade my router. I would like to add a WI-FI 6 AP to my system. Based on the Peplink one coming with a Multigigabit LAN connection I have been contemplating buying a Multigigabit switch. My questions are this. Will my NAS at 2.5gbps and peplink access point be able to take advantage of this speed

I would suggest that you graph your actual network speeds. I run SNMP monitors on my Balance and ONE AX access point and I never see anything close to 1Gbit speeds from Wifi6 clients, on the latest hardware. Backups to the NAS average around 20Mbits. A single multi gig file download from NAS can hit about 500Mbits. I don’t think those AP’s are going to have single device performance above 1 Gbit. Or not in combination with the real world, NAS use, computer to computer. etc.

I may make another test later to see if the NAS is the limit rather than the network.

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Hello Rob,
Peplink’s new WAPs are all Wi-Fi 6 compatible (I think you already knew).
As to the Peplink Switches, they are all Gigabit ports unless you use the SFP ports with a suitable SFP adaptor.
If you use the SFP ports then you could connect your media server to one of those ports, and use another for your WAP. Note that the SFP ports will not give you PoE so you will need a PoE injector for your WAP. You will also need to find a PoE Injector that can support the speeds you are seeking.
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Marcus :slight_smile:

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