Multicast on peplink balance 380



I have an issue on a peplink balance 380, the multicast packets are not forwarded and the clients can’t see the sent video .

Have you got a solution ??




Hi Fred. Will need an idea of network topology to know how we can help. How do the clients connect to the video? Is it over PepVPN/SpeedFusion or locally? Are the clients on the LAN and Video on the WAN (or VIce Versa)?

You can get multicast packets over a PepVPN/SpeedFUsion link using Layer 2 VPN. There is no easy way to get multicast packets between WAN/LAN subnets that I’m aware of.


Hi Martin,
Thé clients are connected through a pptp vpn on the peplink and have access to the servers on the LAN.
They have access to the video server on http, but they can’t see the video (black screen) that is sent in multicast.
Thanks for your help.


@fred1, @MartinLangmaid is correct. Layer 2 SpeedFusion is needed for the remote user.