Multi-WAN setup with additional public IP block

Hi All,

I need help please :slight_smile:

New peplink user here and trying to set up a new Balance 380. We currently have 2 leased lines from 2 different ISPs. This is the setup:

For ISP 1:
WAN1 - 202.48.x.x/30
Additional IP block routed to WAN1’s IP - 61.9.x.x/28

For ISP 2:
WAN2 - 130.105.x.x/30

The 61.9.x.x block is currently being used by our servers. If we put both WAN links in the balance 380, and ISP1 goes down, can the 61.9.x.x block be routed to ISP2? If yes, how?


Don’t think you can route 61.9.x.x block to two different ISP unless you have a special arrangement with service provider (Example single or multi homing setup - small ISP)

Please consider to use inbound load balancing with 2 different IP block from ISP (Each ISP will provide 1 IP block)

For more information, please refer to the forum thread below:

Thank you. I will look at the link you showed me.

Anyway, first thing that comes to mind with that suggestion is the additional cost of getting the same amount of IP block from my other ISP.

I think I read somewhere on a FAQ that peplink does support multihoming. Does it?