MTU and Pack Loss Troubleshooting

We are trying to troubleshoot connection issues at a site with a Max BR1 Mini. The unit reports that the signal is good and that it maintains a continuous signal, yet we stop being able to pull up web pages or have application data sync to the cloud. Resetting the cellular connection by dragging it to Disabled, and then back to Priority 1 forces a reconnect and the unit obtains a new IP address, which solves the problems. Obviously doing this every 20-30 minutes is a huge pain.

Again, in troubleshooting this I’ve been checking for packet loss and notice that I lose packets at anything above a 548 MTU. The unit will not allow me to set the MTU to lower than 576 to test if this will help. Are there any other suggestions to try?

We are not sure but think that a tower on the site next to ours may be interfering with the signal to our unit. It’s pulling in a Verizon Band 13 signal from a tower farther away (there are 3 in the area). The tower directly next to us has an AT&T antenna, 1 antenna from a local power company, and 2 antenna from regional dispatch/first responders. I’m very novice in networking but believe that this tower may interfere with our signal and we’re trying to find a way to mitigate that effect and was hoping reducing packet size might help.

Would you please open a support ticket here for support team to check ? MTU 548 is a rare case.

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