MPLS configuration


i have 3 branches and am using mpls to connect them the MPLS is running on the Mikrotik router and my ISP is use the PPPoE protocols to configure it.
i want to replace the Mikrotik router with the Balance 210 and B20 have inter the same configuration on the PPPoE interface of the peplink Balance but is not working Peplink team ask me to us the Static protocol and i contacted my ISP and he told me it can only work on PPPoE.
can someone help me!!!


We have no problem using PPPoE. Below is the configuration (example).

Please ensure the physical connector of WAN link is RJ45. You may connect the WAN link to your laptop. Then configure PPPoE dialer in your laptop to test the PPPoE connection. If you failed to connect with your laptop, please consult the ISP for the PPPoE settings.

You may get help from your point of purchase for further help. Thanks.



TK Liew.

thanks for the help have done it already but now i have some issues the b20 is not responding well to the ping as for the b210 is working perfectly so i dnt know if the problem is at the level of the hardware or is not compatible at all for the MPLS…

please look at it and help me am still waiting for the other devices from my costume to test them…