Move settings to new hardware

I currently have a Balance 30LTE that’s been giving me some trouble. It requires a reboot every day to stay working otherwise it becomes inaccessible. It was bought in 2017 so I’m guessing it’s reaching EOL.

Today I ordered a B-One to take it’s place. I wasn’t using the LTE functions but I am using 2 WAN ports so this seemed like the right move. It’s also connecting to a 20x at home via SpeedFusion VPN.

Is there a way to move the settings from the Balance 30LTE to the B-One so that I can just drop it in it’s place or will I need to configure from scratch? I own a small business and I’d like to avoid downtime if possible. I have some settings controlled by InControl 2 but I only use it for firewall settings.

Any guidance will be much appreciated. [I tried searching but couldn’t find anything]