Move products between organizations


We have several organizations in InControl2 with a bunch of devices on each and we want to re-organized the devices into 3 organizations but we are trying to find a way to move the gateways from one organization to another one without losing the settings and data for the gateways.

Is there a way to accomplish this ?

Moving devices to different Organization is not allowed. You may need to delete the devices from existing Organization then add them into the new Organization.

Any reason you need to reorganize the devices? Can you share the used case on this?


We are integrating the gateways data with the pepwave API into our application and it will be a lot easier for us if we do some changes in the organizations.

We need to move groups into another organization to be more precisely.

Is there any way you could move them for us?

We have no way to move the device.

Suggestion :slight_smile:

  1. Use IC2 API to pull down all the necessary data for the device and delete the device from the inappropriate group.
  2. Re-add the device to the new group