Move a group to another organization?


Is it possible to transfer entire groups to another organization?

I am trying to clean up my in control dashboard and would like to be able to move old customer groups that are out of warranty to a separate organization as an archive. Is that possible?

Also, is it possible to delete an organization? I accidentally created a duplicate.


This is available in the coming 2.8.1 release for InControl2.

To remove an organization, just delete all devices on the device management page. The organization will be removed after 28 days.



+1 for this.

TK I have a supplementary question please :
if there is a Fusionhub Server in the group that has to be moved to another organization, will all automatic Pepvn profiles on group level be moved successfully also ? Thank you in advance.

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@svenbijvoet. Unfortunately, this can’t be moved at the moment if there is a PepVPN configuration in the Group level.


Thank you TK.
Then it should be a feature request :slight_smile:
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Hello @svenbijvoet,

This thread has now been changed to “Feature Request”.
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Great, thank you Marcus!