More than 2 stored Speedfusion Profiles

Please make it so I can store more than 2 Speedfusion profiles at a time. I have to occasionally connect to 9 different sites / peplink routers… having to go in and reconfigure profiles every time I need to connect is not fun. I’m using 5.4.9 firmware currently. Thank you, Sean

Hear hear. This makes sense. Which model do you have? I believe you are using it as a road-warrior mobile VPN device?

The unit is a Balance 210, I have one in the lab and when I create the second SF tunnel the add button goes away.

I know that this unit support only 2 SF tunnel, but they arent active.

Yes, arturogerez, the number of SpeedFusion peer today also limits the number of profile you are allowed to store on the device.

I think it makes sense to change this so that we can store inactive SpeedFusion profile like what seanroulo would need. But I was hoping to get a better understanding of the use case, so we can be sure we have every angle considered.

Hi, sorry for the delay… I have a mix of balance 310 and 380 routers. It is very tedious having to reconfigure profiles every day. PLEASE make it so I don’t have to do this OVER AND OVER. I only need to connect to one site at a time.

OK I have come across this a few times already. This can happen relatively soon, eyeing next release around the end of year.

If you are managing a number of units, you can benefit from InControl 2 as well. It is available for beta testing now. Feel free to check it out.

Hi everyone!

Today I was setting up a demo with my B210 with firmware 6.1 and I discovered this feature is now available!

Tks peplink!!!