More info on pending and applied changes

The routers web based UI allows an administrator to make multiple changes before apply them all. This brings up two issues.

  1. It would be nice to be able to see what changes are in the queue to be applied

  2. The event log notes when changes are applied but does not externalize which changes they were. The details of what was changed would be helpful.

Thank you.


Reviving this topic, as I had a similar idea:

If there are changes made, you can only press "apply changes", is there a way to see which changes are pending exactly before pressing the apply-button?

Can there be something like a temporary commit that needs to be confirmed if the config is ok or not. For example: we change something and because of that change, our connection to the device is lost. If there would be a confirmed apply, it would roll back the changes when not confirmed and the device would be reachable again with the previous settings. This would be handy in case of "dangerous" config changes.

What do other people think about this?

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I agree about the roll back. Say a “test” which applys the changes for 120 seconds and requires confirmation to keep the changes. This would be very helpful on devices like the BR1 when switching between SIM A & B.
Would also be great to have a list of the changes been applied and notes of the changes added to the event log.


About the “confirmed apply”, I was rather thinking that it would be possible to define yourself what the time will be when until a rollback is triggered.

I agree with the setting your own time limit for the time out. Default say 120 seconds and then be able to manually define between 30 and 1800 seconds.
Could also make the the test be applied automatically after 120 if three pings are successful to a specified IP adddrss (something on the internet or at the other end of a SpeedFusion tunnel)

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I would like to contribute to this Feature Request.
I need to see more details of a change when an admin/user makes them locally on a device. I would like to see something similar to what is logged in the IC2 dashboard under the Organizations ‘Operation Log’.

The Operation Log shows Which Admin made a change to the configuration thru the IC2 dashboard, What the change was Before and What the change looked like After it was committed. This detail of logging would be ideal when an admin/user completes a change directly on a device. Currently, the Operation Log ONLY shows this detail of configuration changes when it is done Within the IC2 dashboard only.

The current local Event Log simply stating that a change was applied is not helpful when troubleshooting changes on a device that may have caused an outage. I need to see details such as “Who” did the change, what the config looked “Before”, & "After" the change was made so that I can better monitor my devices.