More in control options at organisation level

I would really like to be able to define some more things at an organisation level. For example:

  • DNS entries or DNS servers
  • device management settings (web interface ports/passwords etc)
  • wifi
  • QoS settings
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A very strong YEAH! on this one. It is a royal pain to have to enter local architecture DNS assignments for each and every router on an internal network, and line by line at that! (When the internal architecture is made up of expensive and slow connections then having a central DNS server handle all request is not viable).

anyone else have opinions on this?

peplink- thoughts on this?

I believe this is referring to the Local DNS Records at Network > Network Settings. We target to implement it in 2.9.2 which should be available in Sept 2021.

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Confirmed (at least from my end).


In short, all the options that you have on the device itself. So

  • Local DNS Entries
  • Advanced Forwarder options
  • Per link-DNS settings

and domain based to pepVPN would be nice (right now I can say all DNS entries for a particular domain should be sent down a particular WAN link, but not to a DNS server ever PepVPN).

Another thing that would be nice to have controlled from the organisation level - Time Zone
Its painful to have to go into multiple groups to check that the time zone is configure correctly or change time zone. Had to change one recently as UTC +0 isn’t actually UTC +0 as it day light savings (on InControl2 anyway) so had to change each group to UTC +0 Monrovia, Reykjavik which does not observe day light savings.

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