More granular bandwidth allowance monitor

If there is a way to have more granular control on the bandwidth allowance monitor for each WAN connection would be great.

For example, right now if a specific usage in GB value is hit, then the only option is to disable the WAN link.

Would be good to have other options once a specific GB usage value is hit such as:

  • Only allow upload or download traffic once value is hit
  • decrease the priority of the link once value is hit

Also, having separate rules/counters for upload and download traffic would be great. So have two bandwidth counters, one for uploaded GB and the other for downloaded GB, per WAN link. And once each one of those values is hit, then have separate rules for them…


Barring only upstream or downstream probably wouldn’t help as much since most traffic goes both ways - so is separating upstream and downstream control. But decreasing a particular WAN’s priority is something we could look into… Any particular use case we could share?


sure…I m based in Australia, and a lot of the ISP’s here have usage plans that throttle the speed of the link once the monthly data quota transfer has been reached.

so, a plan might have 200GB allowed per month. Once 200GB of traffic has been used then the link is throttled from say 20Mbps to 256Kbps, until the new month starts again and the 250GB are allocated again.

So decreasing the priority of a link once the 250GB has been reached will allow users to switch traffic to a different ISP connection for the remainder of the month.

Also, the reason I suggested separate counters for downloads and uploads was because some of these ISP’s count data traveling in one direction only when they come to throttle a speed (uploads or downloads depending on ISP), and other ISP’s count data going in both directions. So to have the option to count data in either direction or in both will enable users to accommodate the rule according to their ISP agreement etc…

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