More Control Over "Priority" Outbound Policy

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We have always struggled with access providers either having intermittent latency and packet loss as everyone does. The issue issue all of our VoIP networks which is now around 400 and growing. Anywhere from 10-700 IP Phones. We like to use the priority algorithm as we know we won’t screw up session going out and potentially cause one-way audio.

Since the Balance Series can detect the “Lowest Latency” from each ISP right now why couldn’t we…

  1. Set a threshold within the “Priority” algorithm where say, if the primary ISP has latency on average above 200ms for more than 20 minutes it automatically fails over to the secondary, and so on. And as soon as the latency dips below the threshold for say 20 minutes it will switch back to primary. And also apply this with average packet loss.

The reason it is such an issue is for this reason…

  • On average 4-5 times a day we get alerted with our monitoring software of an ISP outage or MOS score dips below a pre set threshold, but The Balance only detects when an ISP is down for the Priority algorithm. We are not interested in using the :Lowest Latency Algorithm as we have run into one-way audio from when a session is initiated outbound then in the middle of a session it switches to another ISP, therefore either dropping the call or causing one-way audio.
  • What happens is our MOS alert is set for 30 minutes below a 3.0 MOS score with a G.7.11 codec and then alerts from there every hour but… SOOOO many time an ISP will have issues within the 5-10 minute range which is more real time. I don’t care to lower my threshold for MOS to that time-frame as I would rather the Balance device just detect then fail-over to ease up alerts being generated into our ticketing system. I hope this makes sense.

In Conclusion:

  • Being able to control the priority outbound policy algorithm to “ISP Down as it is already”, “Latency Threshold”, and “Packet Loss” thresh-hold would drastically reduce our incoming ticket triage.

***Would this not be do-able as you can already calculate Latency on a WAN now?
***We would be willing to upgrade Balance devices with a license for this feature.
***Or as I have mentioned in the past, host a MOS analysis server in InControl2 and license it out. We used to do this with Edgewater Networks Edgeview Server. Please consider VoIP even more as this market is still growing massively and won’t stop for decades to come. This is a huge revenue opportunity, especially as so many VoIP res-sellers have turned to Peplink. This license would include the Balance in question automatically being registered to InControl2 for the term of the License.

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This request has been filed. We will put into our roadmap.

Thanks for your feature request.

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That’s great news!

Thanks TK