Monitoring traffic through PepVPN

Balance > Status > Client list shows me how much traffic each device is using in real time. Does this include traffic going from each device through PepVPN? My seat of the pants observation tells me it does not. I quite often see negligible traffic looking at the clients page, but when I go to Bandwith > Real Time there is plenty going on. Is traffic through my PepVPN the missing piece?

Any way to monitor the amount of data through PepVPN in real time? Even better, a way to monitor VPN traffic separately by device, and by each VPN. Sometimes we get a system slow down because a device has gone rogue (virus usually) so we are trying to identify which device is the problem.

You can monitor the real-time SpeedFusion throughput below.

If you need to check the unreasonable client’s usage, you may check them below.

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