Monitoring the device behind of Peplink Device

Hi all, is there the possibility that a Device Peplink (for ex. Max BR1) can send a notification via email, if go down a NVR connect to the LAN of Peplink Device ?

You’ll need a NMS(network monitoring system) for that.


@antonio - have you looked at PRTG? Discover the 3 Paessler PRTG monitoring solutions

I had it set up and configured in under an hour for my small home network. It has all the typical monitoring capabilities and it allows for remote notifications when stuff goes down.

I downloaded it because I wanted to take advantage of their Syslog Receiver sensor type. I am now shipping my system logs and DNS logs over to it for easier access and longer retention.

It works really well, and if you have less than 1000 sensors – you can use the free version.