Monitoring active routes and throttled traffic

I have a peplink balance 20. I doubt this could be done but I thought I’d throw it out there.

First the background…

I have two ISP. Rogers (50MBit/s) and Acanac (5MBit/s) Normally I just use the Rogers connection for everything and use the Acanac as inbound or backup.

Every once and a while Rogers get’s these weird ideas.


  1. For a few months they decided that if your encrypting your traffic you must be doing something illegal. So my work VPN was throttled down to about 2 Kbytes/s. So I had to redirect Acanac. It took me a few months to convincement that working from home wasn’t a crime.

  2. They decided that all bittorrent traffic, and then Linux was illegal material… so all of a sudden downloading the latest release of Fedora Linux was throttled down to nothing.

  3. At one point they were blocking OpenStreetMap tile. They denied it and said it was a problem with the OpenStreetMap server, yet it worked fine from Acanac, Bell, International VPN servers, … and any other ISP I could get a hold of to check. Took a few months to convince them that their bit-shaping server was malfunctioning again… they did eventually fix the issue.

At the moment I hear their targeting online gaming (which doesn’t effect me) I know the obvious solution is to drop rogers but in my area you can’t get the 50MBit/s anywhere else and they do work 85% of the time.

It would be nice if the Peplink could some how check if the connection would run faster on another line or detect that the port/server is being throttled. I don’t even know if there’s a way of doing that type of check but I thought I’d throw it out there.

The other issue that would be nice if peplink could check if a route is accessible… since Rogers at times blocks sites (even though it says it doesn’t) it would be nice if peplink could detect when a route is down and forward through the second interface.