Mongol Rally - Taking a Pepwave MAX on a 10,000 Mile Drive

The Mongol Rally is a charity event where you bring an old car, and take it across 10,000 miles from Chichester, England to Ulan Ude, Russia.

The rally participants of Team Rainbow Dash have a Cloudcase installed. Designed by Peplink Partner Slingshot6, the Cloudcase is a rugged, weatherproof case with the BR1 that contains integrated antennas and battery. Team Rainbow Dash is using cellular connectivity for photo and video uploads. The Cloudcase also serves as a safety device that they can take with them to connect to the Internet if needed.

See Case Study on Webpage


Just had an update from Team Rainbow Dash - They are in Tehran. They have really found the connectivity useful and have been using it to find places to stay, searching out campsites as well as communicating with the other rally teams and organising the Rainbow Dash party in Almarty Kazakhstan.

Team leader Oliver writes:

"You would not believe how stunning Iran is roads are just breathtaking and the reaction to the cars is overwhelming. Honestly like being famous we are now a four car convoy with a 1960s Morris Minor breaks down 2-4 times a day. Matt and I had to repair burst fuel tank yesterday and then bonnet came off. Particular highlight yesterday was driving down the motorway from Tablis to Tehran sat on the bonnet that is not attached of with a kiwi guy who reckon we should drive the whole way like that. They are now running from Jerry can inside the car.

A 3 cylinder Corsa with no exhaust running on two sounds like a tractor and a Lupo with two paramedics which was ok till they hit a dead dog.

Driving is extreme and proper crazy but would not have missed this country out for any thing people keep shouting welcome so happy to see us."


Hi there. I am the mum of Geoff who is travelling with his gf Chloe in the Mongol Rally. They are driving the Morris minor. As a lot of communication has been lost now they’re in Iran your posting the updates have stopped me from worrying just that little bit. Please keep updating us if you hear more. It’s so reassuring for us parents. Thank you Angie

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Hi Angie - I’ll get a message to them asking them to check in - and will update here as and when I hear from the Rainbow Dash boys.
Although the Rainbow Dash Team have internet access in Iran, it is comparatively expensive and cell tower coverage is spotty, so don’t worry if you don’t see them come online for a day or two, as they might be out of coverage or rationing their connectivity budget.


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Hi Martin. Thanks for replying. That would be great if they could let you know. I’m not over worried as I knew there would be times of silence. Will keep my eyes peeled.Thanks Angie

Team Rainbow Dash have just popped up on GPS in in Uzbekistan.

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Hi martin my name is sharon my son Joe and his friend Jamie are the Yorkshire nomads and been able to see were they are and that there safe means so much. thankyou very much

Hi Sharon - glad it’s been helpful! It has been fascinating watching the teams traverse these countries. Can’t wait to hear their stories and see the photos.

Wish I’d had time to mount a timelapse camera on their dashboard. It would have made an epic video log…


neither can i martin bet they have some brilliant tales to tell. Its amazing what there all doing so proud of them

Latest Update: “Highest point in the rally 4665 meters in a £200 pound spares or repair car will she make it?”

Team Rainbow Dash has made it to Kyrgyzstan!


We are in week six and the Rainbow Dash team whoa re currently in Mongolia are now making a literal dash for the Ulan-Ude finish line! Good luck team Rainbow Dash - can’t wait to see your podium photos!

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The team made it to the finish at 2am this morning!