Modem Verizon Novatel USB730L Disconnecting


I Have a Surf OTG with a MIFI Novatel U620L that stopped working. I changed the modem to Verizon Novatel USB730L it still won’t work. It attempts to authenticate then disconnects. Also when I tried to log into the Surf OTG I received a message that the certificate has expired on December 14, 2016 and I was not allowed to get into the interface, After using Avast browser I was able to get into the interface. I was running firmware 1.0.27 at that time. I upgraded the firmware to the latest 1.0.30. still unable to connect. I sent in a ticket and have not received an answer back Ticket #780752.

Thanks for your help.


Does anyone know how long before you get are response on ticket?


Ticket was submitted Friday and Kody from our team responded first thing this morning. Check your spam and make sure is not being blocked.


Thank you for your response I am not seeing an email in my spam or an where else. I did find Kody’s emails I am hoping he will get back to me.