Modem Support Package


Have a question. I just received the Surf MK3
product code SUS-SOHO-T.

It shippedwith firmware 6.3.5 which when i booted and looked at status page it shows it as a MK3 with HW1 versuon. It also shows Modem Support Package as 1019. I am using netgear Aircard815S and wanted to tether. I understand I need version 1020. How do I get that version installed on the router in order to use the hotspot tethered?


Hi @2018newbie,

You can download firmware from > Here < scroll down, past the Balance and Max range and then to Surf SOHO, you’ll be able to download 7.1.1 for the MK3 HW1.

This Firmware should include the latest Modem Support package.

Hope this helps,



Thanks. Ok and it now shows Hardware Support package 1022. Does that mean it includes 1020? At this point it still doesnt recognize my hot spot as connected. Do I have to set it to USB tether only?