Modem and antenna questions

I’m looking into getting a pepwave surf router that I would like to use to provide internet throughout my entire house. I will need coverage for two stories, and about 2700 sq. feet, not including my garage and outdoor space. The router will be placed in my office in a room downstairs on the far side of the house but my main entertainment room is above the garage upstairs on the other side of the house. I was thinking of purchasing an antenna and cable kit hoping that provided I keep the other antenna connected directly to the router, I will get good coverage throughout the house. Where can I get the antenna and cable, and will this provide me with a good internet connection?

I am assuming I will also need a modem if I do not want to use my old cable modem/router so can someone make an inexpensive reccommendation for said modem

You may find the antenna (ACW-341) here.

I believe you need another AP on upstair to provide internet throughout your house. You may contact our local partner to do wireless survey to confirm this.

Hope this help.

Thanks for the link to the antennas but what kind of cable can I use to connect this to the router. The router will be placed about 20 meters from the router. I’m still not sure about modems either. Will any old modem work as long as it can pass the bandwidth its being fed by my ISP?