Model 30 - Block bittorent (how close can I get?)

Hmmm. Searching through the forum threads reveal that the model 30 cannot simply block bittorrent traffic. A response from pep-link support to another inquiry on this topic said:

We can priortise your other critical traffic over BitTorent with Application QoS. Have a look under Network > QoS > Application. It is pretty easy to configure.

Can you elaborate?

  1. I need to figure out the ports used by bittorrent and configure a custom rule. Correct?

  2. Can I specify just the ONE rule, set to low priority? Or do I need to define rules for ALL other types of traffic as well and set them to a higher priority? Another way of asking this question is; what is the default priority? I would assume “normal”.

  3. Is there a better way to do this (sans upgrading)? This is a kludge.

And please forward this comment to management: “I LOVE my pep-link 30 and recommend it to others. It replaced a SYSWAN and we are infinitely happier. However, it is a grave disappointment to find the firewall facility (which I just examined for the first time) so lacking. Blocking a common, bandwidth intensive application such as bittorent should be available across ALL your models. Please correct this flaw at once and then you will be perfect”. ;>


You might like to search and read a few articles on this: eg;

The real answer your problem, is to buy a second network device that is purpose built for the job of UTM and filtering. The Peplinks job is to merge 3 WAN’s, and not much more.

Also, if you are on current firmware you should be able to web block by domain name. Unfortunately this isn’t for strings/keywords IE: bitorrent, social media…etc

Perhaps you could answer my specific questions please.


Question 1: rossh_pl did post a link that does answer that question.
Question 2: If you go to Network>Application>QoS that is where you would set the priorities of applications set by packet content: Low/Normal/High. Anything not defined is set to Normal.
Question 3: For the device you have there really isn’t anything that can be upgraded at this time for the B30 that will help with filtering of this type of traffic. You can set bandwidth limits to all of your clients or certain clients or endpoints that could limit the impact the Bittorrent users are having on your overall bandwidth. Third party software or device is the best bet for content filtering of this type of traffic.

If you could add this to our feature request are on the forum here, the engineers will surely see what you want accomplished and take that into consideration for this feature request. As always should you need and more clarification or have any other questions feel free to reply back.


rossh_pl, thank you for the link.

Jarid, thanx for the info. On question 1, I was really just looking for confirmation on what needed to be done on the B30, not necessarily the specific port numbers. just sayin’. ;>

On question 2, thanx for confirming my assumption. On number 3, I guess it could be argued ad-infinitum as to where filtering should occur. I have a cheap TP-Link running a variant of the free dd-wrt firmware at one site that filters on application protocols, including bittorrent. It seems that the B30 is already part way there on application filtering/blocking. I have no idea whether the box has the horsepower to round out such a facility, but I can tell you as a customer, if it is technically possible it would be very helpful for the small physical mom and pop shops I often service to have a single box solution. Our pep-link 30 is the most expensive piece of networking equipment at this site. ;>

And yes, I will post in the suggestion box.