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I am having an issue that I have never encountered and I need help. I have a Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 LTE US T. it has no sim card in it, and no antennas attached. I power up the unit and I get a green solid status light. I modify the configuration to our spec. All is well. Then I take the unit to the vehicle that it will spend the rest of its life in and plug it in. Solid green status light, just hooked to my computer only, no antennas attached. The only change has been the power source. I went from the supplied power supply to a 24vdc battery system. the unit fails to give me a valid IP address. I have deployed over 50 of these in exactly the same manner with no failures and now its happening to 2 routers on the same vehicle. Dear God, someone help me. I’m no networking specialist, so I need simple explanations


If the only difference is the power source then that can only be the cause. Stick a 24V voltage regulator inline on that problem vehicle and see if the issue goes away.

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Unfortunately my problem was self-inflicted. We also use a Ruckus access point on the system and it was looking for a controller which does not exist. I was unable to locate it at the time. Thanks for your help though. I appreciate it.


No worries. Glad you found the issue anyways :wink: