Missing manual for MAX BR1 LTEA IP67


I’m trying to download the manual for MAX BR1 LTEA IP67.

When i choose MAX BR1 IP67 manual on the support site, I get the PDF named “Pepwave MAX User Manual”, but that doesn’t cover BR1 IP67¨, only IP55.

How can I get hold of the manual for BR1 LTEA IP67?


Just checked. Looks like they are still to add the BR1 IP67 to the FW v8 manual. Lets ask @Erik_deBie if he can check with the documentation team and get them to add it.

Did you have a question about the BR1 IP67?

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Hi Acco1234,
We will add the details for the BR1 IP67 to the Pepwave MAX User Manual (this will take a few weeks).
The functionality of the BR1 IP67 is the same as for other BR1 models, the casing is different.
If you have any specific questions in the mean time, let us know!

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