Missing cell metrics in CLI

I have a MAX BR1 ENT and I’m pulling cell signal metrics via the CLI. It works great, but occasionally I will get a band that is missing certain metrics. Is this to be expected?

For example, band 66 below is only listing SINR and not RSSI, RSRP, or RSRQ:

Band                           : LTE Band 13 (700 MHz)
    RSSI                       : -82dBm
    SINR                       : 0.4dB
    RSRP                       : -105dBm
    RSRQ                       : -14.0dB
        Channel                : 5230
Band                           : LTE Band 66 (AWS 1700/2100 MHz)
    SINR                       : 0.0dB
        Channel                : 1000

@jeff2, can you share the model (LTE, LTEA, etc) and firmware of your device?

@WeiMing I was using firmware version 8.1.2 when I saw this issue. I have just updated to 8.1.3, but have not tested it yet. My device is: MAX-BR1-ENT-LTEA-R.

@jeff2, I missed a point in my previous post, as I would like to confirm the behavior is just CLI-related or could be other factors.

When you notice the cellular status is not fully displayed in the CLI, are those details appear in the Web UI > Cellular Interface > WAN Connection Status?

BTW, I did a brief check just now, my unit is running 8.1.2 firmware with a similar LTE CAT12 module as yours, it looks normal (both Web UI & CLI).

@WeiMing I am not sure if it’s CLI-only or not, but I have a script now that will alert me to this happening, and I will try to see if the web GUI shows the missing info.

I’ll emphasize, too, that this only happens sporadically. Most of the time the output appears normal, but every so often I’ll do a CLI query and the returned data will be missing those metrics.

EDIT: For context, I am using python to query the CLI at around 2Hz and I noticed the issue when parsing the collected data and some of the entries did not parse correctly.