Minor DNS Bug

I was changing my DNS Resolver from OpenDNS to Quad9 and stumbled upon a minor bug. I changed the upstream router to hand me for DNS via DHCP and under the WAN Connection confirmed that it did. Then I confirmed on this Network DNS Resolver page that it said However DNS lookups continued to go to OpenDNS.

The reason was that under the Wifi WAN SSID Connection Profile I had the OpenDNS server hard defined, but neither the WAN Page or the DNS Resolver page told me that.
Once I changed the Wifi WAN Profile back to Obtain DNS server automatically everything finally started flowing to Quad9.

8.2.0 build 5312

@C_Metz, the reported symptom observed in firmware 8.2.0 is an expected result, as the “custom” DNS Server manually defined in the Wi-Fi Connection Profile (OpenDNS) takes precedence over the DNS server obtained from DHCP.

About the display of the DNS Resolvers section, we have planned to enhance the display with more details, eg. to include both obtained and manually configured DNS servers, targeted in the next major firmware release.