Minimum USB-C Voltage 5V? on Max Transit Pro

Will the new Transit Pro USB-C ports accept 5V USB?
Or will it only function at 20V?

Hi Kevin,
I will test it after I received the first one.

To clarify this 100% @Cassy_Mak could check that. Cassy, in the Dataseheet is written: “2x USB-C 20V, 3A each for Power Input”, but I think this is up to 20V, isn’t it?

Edit: As I learned now, you need Profile 2, 3, 4 or 5 with 12V or higher and 1.5A or higher to power the transit with an USB Charger at least. (9V is also possible, but not an USB Standard-Profile)

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We have 36 of these right now that will not power up at all and do not match the spec above. It’s not wired up in a standard way. Can anyone get the actual specs of these USB-C Ports on the new Transit Pros.

Trying 3 different sets of cables and about 7 different power sources between wall adapters, hubs and batteries. I don’t think its Profile 1 compliant.

That sound crazy… @sitloongs can you give an answer here, please?

Piling on - I also can not get the Max Transit Pro to power on using a variety of combinations of USB-C.


@kevinp @Kathy_Binns

The MAX Transit Pro cannot be powered up with 5V input. The following numbers listed below are some of the options that would work perfectly.

  1. 9V, 3A
  2. 12V, 3A
  3. 15V, 3A
  4. 20V, 3A


Referring to the diagram above, if you would like to power up the Transit Pro with a USB-C power delivery charger with stable performance, Profile 3 (12@3A) would be recommended.