Minimum time interval for health connection check

Can you make the minimum health connection check for less than 5 sec.? Is it going to be in the next firmware update? My peplilnk is on 6.1.2.
I am using 5 sec.(min) for the health check and timeout is 2 sec. If I understand the mechanism correctly, it might take up to mix. 7 sec. and minimum 2 sec( if i am lucky) to switch to the next backup (I am using priority algorithm) when the main connection goes down. I monitor financial market all day long and sometimes when the main connection goes down, it takes 5 to 10 sec for the second connection to be kicked in.



To consider failover to second WAN link, Connection Timeout, Health Check Interval and Health Check Retries are involved.

Please find here for better understanding.

The link didn’t answer anything I asked? I just want to know the next firmware update will contain the following :

currently the minimum for the health check connection is 5 sec. will it be smaller than 5 sec. in the next firmware? I think some people prefer less than 5 sec. to reduce the failing over time if you are on priority algorithm.

Thank you.


There is no plan at this time to change the health check settings on future firmware. If you need seamless fail-over between WAN links, I would definitely take a look into our SpeedFusion technology: