Mini flex module 1Gbps Ethernet

What are the odds of Peplink offering a 1Gig Ethernet mini-flex module that can be plugged into a B20X?

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can I ask what would be the benefit ?, as the Balance 20X has Max throughput of 900mbps, and it already has a internal 1Gbps WAN port, would you want to use as a Backup 1Gbps Link ?


I would guess that @steve_tx was wanting to have two wired wan connections.
I like the idea and it makes sense, but the miniflex is limited to 150mbps.
So then that throws out the ability to have a 1g port.
see this for more discussion on it.

then why not use a USB to Ethernet adapter for the 2nd wired LAN ?, I use this for my 2 VDSL lines, and it load balance for me.

@AndrewStyblac4791 Maybe Steve was planning on doing that as well and wanted three, or he wanted the integrated look and thought that if it was a module it might perform faster.

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