MIB to Monitor Surf SOHO MK3 with Cacti SNMP

I just installed a new Surf SOHO and I would like to monitor it using Cacti. I see the Surf support SNMP. I see this page but I don’t find a MIB file for the Surf. Where should I look?

You should use either one of these.

This is the download link - https://www.peplink.com/support/miscellaneous-downloads/

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Thank you. I chose the one that seems to match my firmware version number. There are subfolders. For the SOHO shall I use the ones found in pepwave/ then?

rpi3:/usr/share/snmp/mibs $ unzip balance_max_snmp_mib-8.0.1.zip
Archive: balance_max_snmp_mib-8.0.1.zip
creating: peplink_balance_snmp_mib-8.0.1/
creating: peplink_balance_snmp_mib-8.0.1/pepwave/
creating: peplink_balance_snmp_mib-8.0.1/peplink/
creating: peplink_balance_snmp_mib-8.0.1/pepxim/

Yes, using Pepwave MIB.

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