Mib file update with release 7

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Could you please advise about the mib file with release 7.
Is there any update to it.
As the current Device.mib file doesn’t include entries for power status info like (power disconnected)
Also how HA status will be monitored?

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Gentle Reminder !!

The requested OIDs are not available now. I will move this thread to feature request.

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It’s been over a year, so surely the 7.x mibs are available now, right?

I’ve been searching all over for them, and this thread is the closest information I’ve found so far. The most recent mibs linked from the main page are for 6.3, and say last updated in 2016, but all the files within the zip file are dated in 2015.

In the absence of accurate mibs, can you at explain what the OIDs are under . ? Some of it appears to be LTE related, but it would be nice to know what it all means.