Method to allow incontrol/remote access when cellular limit reached


I thought I had requested this in the past, but if so I cannot find the post.
Goal of this request: Be able to use SIM data limits to protect against high usage costs without losing ability to remote manage the unit.

Problem with current method: Right now if you set a cellular data limit on a pepwave, when the limit is reached the cellular connection drops completely. The pepwave is now offline and unreachable, so there is no way to try to fix the issue.

We had a customer who’s WAN was down move his three ROKU sticks to the wrong network, so he was suddenly using about 4G per hour. Between the time I got a high usage alert and when I got to a computer to log in it was too late and the cellular connection was down.

Allow us to add an outbound policy rule, or have a default rule that would be triggered by certain limits being hit. This rule would block all LAN <==> cellular traffic but allow incontrol/remote access to function.
So, on the cellular limit section be able to say
Alert at nnn usage
Block LAN to/from cellular at nnn usage
disconnect cellular at nnn usage

i.e. keep ability to set a hard safety catch limit, but well under that have ability to block LAN to/from the cellular, which SHOULD stop the excess traffic.
I could then have logged into the pepwave, looked at the client usage and said “What in the hell did you do? Go unplug those ROKU sticks dumbass!”

As it is, I constantly risk getting hammered with high usage cost because in most cases I do not have a limit set, because it is too difficult to recover from it going down.

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