Mesh (like) wifi network with Peplink? Need signal across building

We currently use Peplink Balance One and AP One Enterprise for our office. However, on the opposite side of the building is a conference room we frequently use. Right now the signal on the opposite side of the building is less than ideal.

We also have the AP One 300m (not being used right now) that the AP One Enterprise replaced and the embedded wifi from the Balance One (also disabled).

I’m open to suggestions on the best way to provide a solid signal across the building using these Peplink pieces. Thanks.

Is wiring via Ethernet not an option? Is it a shared building/conference room?

The 300M might reach (depending on how far it is). I’ve found the range on those to be quite impressive.

As per what @kgarvey has mentioned, it depends on the distance. If you can still “see” your Wi-Fi while inside the conference room, you should see an improvement by deploying the AP One 300M in the same room to extend your Wi-Fi coverage.

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Good morning,

Ethernet isn’t available - it’s a shared conference room.

You are recommending I deploy the 300m in the conference room and use WDS to connect it to my existing wifi network?

Basically the idea is to boost your existing WiFi signal in the conference room.

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Right – but as I mentioned we don’t have an ethernet port in that room since it isn’t our room. We have a somewhat flaky wifi signal, and we want to extend it to better cover this conference room.

I’d recommend seeing if the 300M works for you. Plug it in where you can.

I can see “see” the WiFi while in the conference room, but the signal seems to fade.

The AP One Rugged appears to have almost 75% more coverage than the AP One Enterprise (680m vs 400m).

Is there any concern with deploying this in a typical office environment vs outdoor or in a “rugged” environment? If not I will give that a go instead.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

AP One Rugged is our go to for range indoor. Supper reliable and they just perform. Same with AP One Enterprise but we only use these for ceiling mount situations.

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