MEID difference on MAX HD2 Dome

An observation that has me curious.
Why would cellular 1 have a MEID, whilst cellular 2 does not?
(as found on details page of the cellular modem)
I had thought the 2 modems are identical and the data (fields) shown should also be identical?

Thank you,

Hi Tim, both modems should have their own unique MEID/IMEI. Can you post a screen shot of your dashboard and cellular details?


Hello Tim,
Firstly the model is (the unit is a MAX-HD2-DOM-M-LTEA-WK), and I have noted that in effect modem 1 is CAT-6 (and shows the MEID) whereas modem 2 is CAT-12 (and does not show MEID)
Cellular Module
**** (LTE CAT-6 NA+EMEA/300Mbps)
**** (LTE CAT-12 EU+AU+CBRS/600Mbps)
image image

As such I actually note that the 2 modems are different, but I would still assume both should show the MEID details in the cellular details page?


Yeah that seems weird. I would make sure you are running the latest 8.1.0 firmware and then open a support ticket if needed. Thanks