MediaFast - Request for more info and capabilitiest

Good Evening
Got a MediaFast 750 and testing it out.
Have a few questions about the functions as there doesn’t seem to be too much documentation around MediaFast.
-Does it support Apple TV updates (I don’t have an Apple TV and don’t want to assume that IOS does include Apple TVs)
-Pre-Fetching - from what I can see, this more aimed at files for schools when they know that a large file will be used a lot. Would it be possible to have a “website fetcher” so say predetermined, frequently changing website (news mainly) is prefetched and updated automatically by the MediaFast every 10,20,30,60 minutes over a preferred link (e.g. unlimited but slow ADSL rather the the faster but metered Satellite or cellular link). This feature could also be activate when there are more then x amount of active devices on the LAN so the fetching isn’t running when there aren’t devices on the network.
-A list of webpages that MediaFast does, could or does not work with e.g. YouTube, FaceBook, Google, BBC News, CNN etc

Initial testing is going great!

Thank You


For Apple TV updates:

  • MediaFast supports Apple TV updates. The update file can be cached and deliver to client from MediaFast storage.

For PreFetch Schedule:

  • You can set a schedule for pre-fetching the website in the Prefetch Schedule page and the MediaFast would prefetch and update it in the pre-defined time period. There is some repeat pattern such as Everyday, Monday to Friday etc. But we don’t have every 10, 20, 30 minutes option.
  • The prefetch traffic would follow the outbound policy. Thus you can add rule there to control the prefetch traffic.
  • The prefetch is triggered by Date/Time only. It wouldn’t consider the number of LAN client.

For support list:

  • We don’t have a supported website list yet. Stay tune!

Hi Bryan

Thank You for the comprehensive reply.

Regarding the out bond policy, if we set say to be enforced WAN 1 is coming from the IP address of the router and BBC enforced WAN 2 if coming from the rest of the subnet, would this work? If I remember rightly, last time I put an outbound policy run inlace for the devices its self, it didn’t function correctly.

Will do some more testing on it any way.

Thank You

Would it be possible to have an option on the schedule of “fetch all the time” (i.e. every 15 minutes) instead of having to select a time of 0000 to 2345.

What would your thoughts be on combining all the MediaFast options into its own tab along side DashBoard, Network, AP, System and Status.
I have found that I’m constantly going between these tabs and it would be nice if all the MediaFast related where under its own tab. You have given it its own name, why not its now tab?

Thank You

Hi, would you tell us more why you want to prefetch the website so frequently (every 15 minutes)? Is it mainly for the news website and many clients visit it? Does prefetch in every hour suitable for your need? We would like to gather more information first.

Thank you for your suggestion for the web admin layout and we would discuss it further.