Mediafast Caching



I have come across an issue with the Mediafast. It consists on it caching stuff that should not be chached. Two examples I have experienced.

  1. We installed a MFA-750 in a university, however it happens that this university has its own radio station. So when the caching is on, it will not allow the traffic to refresh as it brings it back from the SSD, and thus it does not work properly. Once the caching is off the problem goes away. I understand that i can fix this by placing the radio station devices on a separate VLAN, and then NOT cache this VLAN at all, however in this particular case, this is not viable.

  2. We have a MFA-750 installed with 50 Speedfusion peers in star configuration. Each of the peers is in a monitoring site. So when we PPTP in the MFA, and try to reach the end points, the cache brings the information back from ssd and not from the actual device we need to access.

I think that if we could decide a type of traffic, port, IP, mac or somehow isolateany specific source or destination to be outside of the caching (on the same network), would be very useful.




can’t you just blacklist the IP addresses and URLs that you don’t want the system to cache?


you can also specify extensions (like the streaming extension) of files to include


Thanks Peter… It is a bit more complex but we finally managed to get the customer to agree on VLans and so, we can now Black/White list and it is now working fine.

Thanks again for you help.