Media fast 500 latency issue

I have the media fast 500 and it has been working fine until 3 day ago. I have 3 WAN lines and 2 of them are acting up now.
If I go directly onto the 2 sat modems and ping any google site, I get the expected 600 to 700 ms latency. If I then put them into the Media fast 500 and do the same latency test, I now get anywhere from 1000 ms to like 7000 ms. This makes the connections from the 2 sat modems useless and I am at a total loss at this time.

I have a package from the Sat ISP with a guaranteed minimum of 256 kbps upload speed and 512 kbps download speed on each of the 2 modems. I have up to (if available) 512 Kbps upload speed and 3000 kbps download speed per modem.

Could this be a problem with NOT having the correct values in the WAN section for the upload and download speeds for those 2 WAN’s?

New to this and very frustrated.

  1. Do you mean minimum throughput for Sat is 256K/512K (up/down)? However, the best throughput you can get is 512K/3M (up/down)?

  2. May I know what is the upload and download bandwidth you configured on MediaFast 500 WAN ports?

Currently I have each WAN port set at 512K/1544K up/down (I have tried to play with this but not sure what setting would be best for my setup)

Thanks for any help.

You should configure 512K/3M (up/down) for the WAN interfaces. I foresee this is your connection.

---------------------------------------(WAN1) -----> Sat modem -----> ISP
Client -----> (LAN) MediaFast 500 (WAN2) -----> Sat modem -----> ISP

Please do me favor below.

  1. Force client to WAN1.

  2. Please ping LAN of MediaFast. What is the latency?

  3. Please ping Sat modem. What is the latency?

  4. Please ping google site again. What is the latency?

  5. Force client to WAN2.

  6. Repeat step 3 - 4.

Thank you.