MaxTransit CAT18 with WAN hotspot

I ordered a MaxTransit CAT18 in Feb that is due to be delivered early next week. I’m an RV’r. I was thinking about the following setup and want input on how this may work:

  • SIM A: Verizon
  • SIM B: ATT (for failover or manual switchover when Verizon performance is poor)
  • WAN: ATT Nighthawk MR1100 via Ethernet
  • Micromark LTM 7 in 1 Roof antenna
    I’m assuming i can load balance between the SIM A and Ethernet WAN on the nighthawk to increase performance in aggregate. I’m also assuming if Verizon peformance is degrading I can configure for ATT to pickup the slack via the Ethernet WAN pretty automatically.

Any comments on this configuration? Gotcha’s to consider on setting it up? Thank you.

Looks like a valid setup. When configuring the WAN connection on the Transit be sure and use outside DNS servers like Google for the health check, otherwise it will default to using the nighthawk as the DNS server and you would never know if it lost AT&T signal.


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Helpful tip thank you!