MaxOnTheGo FusionHub Bonding


I’m trying to bond a cellular and DSL connection using the Max OTG and FusionHub. Previously I was able to do this by clicking on the fusionhub profile settings in the ‘PepVPN’ page in the ‘Advanced’ tab of the admin interface on the Max OTG. In the profile settings I could previously change the ‘WAN Connection Priority’ so that WAN 1 and WAN 5 were both set to priority 1, but now (update?) when I try to do this I get the message ‘Cannot assign the same priority to more than one connections.’

(Both WAN connections are in the Priority 1 slot in the OTG itself)

When I run a throughput test it shows all traffic going through the highest (pepVPN) priority WAN and the other shows ‘Cold standby - in a lower priority’

What am I missing here? How can I get fusionhub using both WANs?



I just took a look at the available licenses for fusionhub. Looks like peplink doesn’t offer speedfusion bonding for the Max OTG anymore? And the product descriptions for the max OTG doesn’t show it can be used for bonding.

Has this always been the case? when I was previously able to bond using the max OTG was that just a software bug? Is there a physical limitation keeping the OTG from using multiple WAN connections simultaneously?