Maximum Range for Device Connector


Dear Guys ,

What would be the Maximum range if we want to connect device connector IP67 to AP Pro Duo ?

Thanks - Hootan


Hi Hootan,

This is difficult to put an exact number on because there are lots of variables. It will easily go several hundred meter. Anyway site survey is recommended.


Hi ,

We don’t need an exact number. I need an estimate according to the projects deployed before with these devices.

for example for other vendors we have something like ( Up to 500 Meters on line of sight ) or ( from 200-300 Meters ) or something like that.

Thanks - Hootan


Hi Hootan,

Can you share what antenna you are using?


Hi Hootan,

You can get 200 - 500 meter by using our provided antenna .


Great , how about using a directional one ( Device Connector IP55 ) to connect to AP Pro ? what would be the max distance ?

sorry to ask such questions because there is no RX Sensitivity number mentioned anywhere for AP and Device Connector Series. if so I could calculate the distance by the calculator.


Hi Hootan,

You may refer to our website here to get info you need (transmit power, antenna gain) to calculate the distance.

Thank you.


Sorry but there is no receive sensitivity info in the comparison page.


Hi Hootan,

If Device Connector IP55 connects a standard AP (EIRP = 20dBm), then the distance will be around 800m to 1Km.