Maximum number of users for Peplink 210/310

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to know what is the recommended maximum number of users supported on 210/310 models.
From the website’s comparison chart, it mentions 1-50 but with a note stating it for sizing purposes but in the product page, when you hover your pointer on the 210/310 box, the popup states 25-150 users.

So my question is, how to you decide which to choose assuming that i have potentially a maximum 100 users, mostly light email users?
should i go for the 210/310 or the 380/580?

Thank you.

Hi there,

You are correct that the “number of users” metric is more of a recommendation and not a hard number. Where things more come into play is the amount of bandwidth being used by the users. In your case, the B210/310 may indeed work well for what you are trying to do (email, some web surfing, etc). Now if that Bandwidth usage starts to spike up (streaming video, bit torrent, etc) the larger models may be necessary.

I do hope this helps, let us know if there are other questions at all.

Hi Jason, thanks for the reply.

Though i would suggest that peplink make the numbers consistent throughout the website.
Also, a web based decision wizard would be great to assist potential customers to select the best model for their requirements.

Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Hi Lukman,

Thanks and you are right - we probably missed it while updating the specs and we will for sure keep the numbers consistent throughout the website.

And we will take a closer look at having a web-based decision wizard to ease picking the right Peplink model - thanks for your input.