Max700 Speedfusion overseas

Hello, my name is Pedro and I’m from Brazil.
I own two MAX700 and one Balance 210, and I use them almost everyday for live stream video over 3G bonding.
It works great, but has one limitation: It’s performance is really poor when using the client (MAX700) overseas.

It has been discuss here before that “speedfusion” with high latency won’t perform very well, the problem is:
I’m always travelling abroad for events, and due to the geographic distance that provides big latency on 3G, I can never get speedfusion to work.

Now I got some ideas to workaround this issue: On july/august I went to London to cover the olympic games, and I brought my balance 210 with me, set it up on a great internet connection and choose on the Max700 outbound policy a priority algorithm for the VPN. The result was great, the Balance 210 forward my connection back to my streaming server in Brazil, and I got the bonding to work.

My problem is that I can’t keep travelling with my Balance 210 and finding a good connection to plug it everywhere I go.
Next week I’m travelling to Japan for an event and I will face the same problem, would be great if I could connect to a Balance 210 already placed in Japan, maybe a client from Peplink.
The ideal would be to have a network of devices that works with speedfusion on each continent, this way I would be always cover.

Any ideas?

Thank’s in advance.

Hi Pedro,

Your request for a cloud bonding service is well received. I believe at some point down the road we will have partners on every continent that offer this type of service :slight_smile:

That would be awesome!
But do you think any customer in japan or asia might be able to help me for the time soon?
I got this very important event coming and would be great if I could bond 2 - 3 LTE modems

Thank you.

Hello, I’m Masa in Akihabara, TOKYO.
I got same as your products (Balance 210,Max 700),and want to use video conference between overseas.
but my system are using Apple’s iChat, it doesn’t go thru Speedfusion, and little bit slow, not stable bandwidth.
and trying fix it.
Are you staying tokyo now?


Hello, now I’m in Nagoya, but I’m going to yokohama later on today.
could we make some tests?
Thank you