Max Transit will not connect to iPhone Hotspot

I know there is other discussion on this topic, but I don’t see that it’s ever been resolved, at least not recently. I just bought my Max Transit, it has the latest firmware that I could download (8.1.3s003 build 5183), and I have a new iPhone 13 Pro Max. I’ve tried both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz. I can get the iPhone to show up in the list for Wifi networks, but when I click on Connect, and it asks me if I want to Connect, the dialog disappears, the CPU goes up to 100%, and then drops back down. No connection, status is always ‘Scanning’. I’ve connected to other non-iPhone hotspots, but this one doesn’t work. I would like to be able to use my central network (which is the Pepwave) to consume my iPhone hotspot data rather than connect all my devices individually to the phone.

I have the same issue only with SOHO PEPWAVE MK3 and my iPhone 8. The pepwave sees the iphone on 2.4G…I press “connect” but just keeps scanning and scanning without ever connecting. Mine does the CPU 100% thing too. I keep reinitiating the hotspot but no luck with that either.
I have a friend that has a similar setup on his boat so I asked if he would try to connect to his PEPWAVE with his smart phone. He has an Android Galaxy. He connected up in less than a couple minutes. I even loaded the most current firmware.

@Greg_P, Just tested this on a Transit DUO (FW 8.13 build 5172) and the device will connect on 2.4GHz, but will not detect a wifi signal on 5GHz to an iPhone 12.

For the WIFI Wan network select “Detail” to the right of the “Wireless Network” button and scroll all the way down to the bottom and make sure the Wifi Wan profiles are in there. Mine look like this just now (showing both a WPA2/WPA3 and WPA3 connections) however, the device will only connect to the WPA2/WP3 wifi network.

If you still cant get it to connect, I would delete the profiles altogether, save and apply, then go back into the “Details” section and manually enter the info into the “Create Profile” section at the bottom, then resave/apply. Give it a few minutes then it should connect, if it does not reboot the device and see if that helps.

Kinda strange! I reread all the words and form entries and then applied to my equipment…i.e. PEPWAVE MK3 SOHO. Essentially, I had done everything in there before and got the same results…went into the “scanning” mode but never connected. Frustrating!
Here’s what’s strange. I have an old iPhone 6 so I took it out and turned it on, there is no sim card but it can connect to WiFi, so I did to a 2.4G. Then turned on the iPhone 6 hotspot and gave it the same password as my iPhone 8. It connected with the PEPWAVE almost immediately. iPhone 6 software is 12.5.5.

@Thomas_Mackey, I forgot to mention in my original post that I restarted both the Wifi connections and hotspot on the phone, when it wouldn’t connect at first. That was the same time I manually added the SSID profiles into the Wifi WAN connection. Essentially, you did sort of the same thing, but with a few extra steps. Glad you got it working though.

It still will not work with my iPhone 8. So, my solution is when I want WiFi on the boat so I can use my camera apps, I’ll take the sim card out of my iPhone 8 and put it in the 6. Still wonder why the 8 won’t won’t work?

I have seen that with my iPhone XR too. But I also have a couple other device that won’t connect either all the time. I believe its a problem on the iPhone side with their hot spot implementation. -Bill

Do you try reset before the iphone 8 network settings or follow the below guide ?

Has anyone found a resolution to this problem yet. I am having the same issue with a Max Transit Duo running 8.1.3 and an iPhone 12 Mini with iOS 15.1. I have tried all possible fixes provided above including resetting the iPhone using the guide posted with no success.

Please open a support ticket for support team to check. Support team can help check from the device and confirm whether the issue are related to Iphone (IOS) or others.

I was having the same issue…Max transit would not connect to iPhone 8 Plus or SE. I simply rolled back the firmware to 8.1.1. and was able to connect immediately, no further issue…

It seems the latest firmware update from pepwave is flawed and needs to be patched to fix the unable to connect issues on the WAN 2.4 ghz. is what we had.

The firmware 8.1.1. works without issue. Its not an Apple issue. Its a poplin issue.

The firmware 8.1.3 is no bueno for us… would not connect

thanks for the work around. this issue caused me to have several interruptions during my remote work days. When the cellular connection would fail, i like to drop back to the 2.4ghz + iPhone 8 hotspot connection. but since i could no longer get that to work, i had no backup. resetting the cellular connection would take 90sec (or more) for me to get back to the meeting where i was presenting. I hope a true fix comes out in the next firmware update.

Since this problem can be reproduced on demand, it lends itself to a pcap/WireShark trace. 20 seconds of trace data would probably be sufficient to show exactly what is going on under the covers.