Max Transit Duo Setup


I have a max transit duo and I want to make sure my setup is correct for insuring the best possible connection. I know that’s a broad statement, but I don’t know the device extremely well, so I’m hoping someone can provide some guidance. The sim’s are setup with two Verizon and two sims from soracom which switch between t-mobile and att. I have the APN’s set for both, I’ve tested the connections with both sets and they work. I have SpeedFusion cloud setup as well and the tunnels are created. Are there any crucial settings I should enable/disable? I appreciate any guidance.

Thank you!

Who did you buy from? Have you considered asking your Reseller or hiring them?

Its hard giving you advice because you are not telling us your use case or expected outcome.

There could be 100 settings to tweak or none.

General web, email use, consistent service and obviously best speeds possible.