Max Transit Duo & Pro - Recurring GPS Antenna Failure

Hi All,

I’m dealing with a strange recurring issue. The issue is that the router location stops updating. This has happened on several occasions and with 2 devices listed. It seems like the issue is more about the GPS antenna than the device itself.

I started out using a 7 in 1 antenna which included a GPS antenna and a Transit DUO. That worked well for quite a while. Then, it stopped providing a GPS signal; at least that is my assumption because the router location was not updated.

I then installed the GPS that comes with the router and the location immediately started updating again. My assumption was that the 7 in 1 antenna GPS failed.

I then changed to a Transit Pro. I used the provided GPS (same one as was provided by the Transit DUO). It worked fine for a month or so, then stopped working.

I then changed to the 7 in 1 GPS antenna. It worked. I also changed to a new GPS antenna provided by the router. It worked. I then changed back to the old GPS antenna (provided with the DUO). It does not work.

So, I’m not sure what is going on. Are these antennas flaky? This is not an issue with having a clear view of the sky or cloudy days. How can this be made more reliable?

Thank you,

Never had a GPS antenna fail. Does it start working again on a reboot of the router?

Either way I would wait till its not working and then download a diagnostic file from the the status page and log a ticket with Peplink engineering for review.

This has only happened maybe 3 or 4 time in the last couple years. I’ll try to capture the log if it happens again.

Just curious if others are having this issue since this has happened on 2 Max devices.