Max Transit Duo Powering AC & DC simultaneously

Can you hook up the AC adapter and wire the DC at the same time? I would like to have some redundancy and have the DC wiring connected to the green terminal block and powered at the same time. So, to be clear, I would like to have the AC adapter connected so that when I am connected to shore power my Max Transit Duo get its power from the AC circuit and simultaneously if I lose shore power, the DC circuit picks up without me having to disconnect either power source.

@dschla01, the simple answer is yes

The order of which power is used is not controllable by you.

My understanding is that whatever power source is providing the highest voltage will be preferred.

Hello @dschla01 & @erickufrin,
From our diverse experience with the range of the Pepwave MAX models, where you have the ability to power from two or more sources, they will run in parallel with each other for the power load; there is no means to favour one DC source over another in any of the Pepwave MAX ranges. From our tests, the power drain/load appears to be typically shared between the available sources.

We recommend that you keep the DC source voltage the same on all DC connections into the MAX, do not mix up DV voltages, for example

  • DC Block 12VDC, then AC adaptor matched at 12VDC
  • DC Block 24VDC, then AC adaptor matched at 24VDC
  • DC Block 48VDC, then AC adaptor matched at 48VDC

The exemption to this is the MAX Transit with its dual USB Power Ports; we recommend each is 5VDC with a one amp supply.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Thank you!