Max Transit Duo - Lost PrimeCare Activation

I’ve opend a ticket with support but thought I’d also try here incase someone has a suggestion on how to fix this.

We have a Max TST Duo which was bought as a PrimeCare part which seems to have lost its PrimeCare subscription.

The unit was purchased in July so well within its initial 12 month term.

This happend today when it was deployed on site for an event and it was noticed that one of the SF profiles would not come up because of exceeding the max number of profiles (3 configured, you only get 2 without PC) and also that the SF Bonding licence had gone.

Checking in IC2 the unit shows as in warranty but has no PC expiry date, however another unit bought at the same time (same order from the same supplier) has a PC expiry date displayed.

So far I’ve tried removing the unit from IC2, factory resetting it and re-adding it but that doesn’t seem to change anything - is there anything else that I can try myself?

If not I suspect I will need to wait for support to validate the warranty / PC cover and re-activate it for me but given it is a Sunday and I need this working right now I’m not too hopeful unless someone from Peplink sees this and is able to dive in and help? :slight_smile:

Just as a sanity check I assume the serial has the PRM code in it?

Did you perhaps enable Speedfusion Cloud to test it and has that trial data run out?

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Yeah it’s a prime care part (MAX-TST-DUO-LTEA-K-T-PRM), and I’ve never enabled SF Cloud on any of our devices as far as I know.

Was working fine literally 24hrs before when it was tested prior to sending out to site, plugged in on site and now it is not showing as having PrimeCare.

Fortuantely where it is being used seems to have excellent LTE which is delivering 80/80 out of a single sim via SF so slightly less urgent to get it fixed.

Sweet! CAT12 from CAT6 is night an day from a usable bandwidth perspective just about everywhere now.

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Exempt from the default SF tunnel at the top of the Outbound Policy

I set DNS domain → fastest response.

The problem is that on boot the system has to call home to confirm your Prime Care is still valid… and it won’t negotiate the SF tunnel until it has validated the PC… Your default outbound policy is to use the SF tunnel… which doesn’t yet work.

Check the event log, it will say:
PepVPN: Profile “XXXXXXXXX” requires WAN Smoothing or Bonding license to connect.

This should be handled as a bug. Users who are on a private network are going to have a hard time getting to the license servers.


Unfortunatley the unit is in use now so I cannot test this idea, Peplink did respond to my ticket early this morning saying it is being escalated so hopefully a simple fix from their side.

Only point would be though that the unit was able to bring up 2 other SF tunnels fine albiet with no bonding in place just hot failover, the only logs were for the config exceeding the max number of peers (2 without PC active, we have 3 configured).

After that it would have been able to call out to Peplink anyway as our outbound policies are written in a way that if all the VPN hubs are not reachable it will use whatever connectivity is available to reach the internet and therefore would have been able to call home to Peplink (the unit has two funcitonal SIMs and a Ethernet WAN connected all of which would have facilitated this).

Also I’m affriad I am not quite buying your explanation of the behaviour here - this is not a unit that has never had Primecare active it is a unit that has been functional for several months now without issue with our configs in place. We did also factory reset it and allow it to show as online in IC2 before applying any of our other configs which if this was also a viable fix would surely have worked then.

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Peplink have fixed this issue for me and the unit now shows as having Primecare again.

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Did they say what caused it Will?

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Hi Martin,

No, no explanation given although it has come back with an expiry date 6 weeks earlier than it was initially listed as so waiting for a follow up there.

On closer inspection of other units we have we also noticed that none of our (or various customers) Primecare covered equipment seems to have expiry dates that match the date of purchase - often being short by a number of weeks so unless I’m missing something with how the expiry date of PC cover is supposed to relate to the purchased / invoiced / delivered date between us and the partner we have bought them from some further questions are being asked… :slight_smile:

Have you checked the “Device Management” page in the Partner Pavilion for this device and the others? I had a similar issue, where my devices were giving a warranty expiration, and that was because the “Date of Sale” was not actually entered(my purchase date). It was basing the warranty on the “Date of Purchase” instead(suppliers purchase date). As soon as the date of sale was correctly entered, the warranty updated correctly.



Hi @Cable17

We are not a partner ourselves so I cannot check directly, but the question has been raised with the people we buy from - as you suggest I am sure it is just a discrepancy between the date the partner ordered the unit for their stock vs the date it was sold onto us and some record that needs updating.

Hopefully a trivial thing for them to correct as having spent the day correlating the invoice dates vs IC2 reported expiry dates for PC and warranty cover none of them match up!

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