Max Transit Duo Cell slot 2 lost signal strength

I have been using this device since May 2021 and it was working fine after figuring out my Sprint Canary plan would not work in Cell 1 slot but my AT&T 100GB plan direct from AT&T worked in both slots (I thought this strange). On August 1st my signal strength and quality for the Sprint plan in Cell slot 2 got so bad that it is now unusable to connect to the internet for work purposes. No changes were done in configuration and Sprint says the 5 towers around me are all working fine with no problems. MobileMustHave tells me it has to be the tower as there appears to be nothing wrong with the device. One must be wrong. Any ideas as to fix this problem and get my signal strength back?

The Pepwave device is not going to degrade the signal strength coming into it so it soumds like Sprint is making some changes in your area.

I recommend to test the bands individually and see how they perform. The traditional Sprint bands are 25, 26, and 41 with 41 being their fastest. They are probably now using the T-Mobile bands as well.

It was using Band 41. I’m now getting RSSI’s from -69 to -89 and RSRQ’s of -13 to -14 now on band 26. Not good enough for a stable internet connection. It seems to switch bands frequently. Is there a way to lock it into one band or another?

Click on the Details tab of the cellular connection and then look for Band Selection under the Cellular Settings.

Yes, I see that but can you change what band you are using or is it assigned b y the tower?

Never mind, I found the band selection.

Have you tried using only tmobile bands to see if it will operate in tmobile mode?

I ended up selecting all bands except band 41 which seemed to be the band of choice under auto select and that appears to have fixed the problem. It seems to like band 26 now.Thank you for that suggestion.