Max transit duo 5V USB Power

my max transit duo will not run on 5V USB power. The battery light just flashes red every 10s. I have confirmed the USB is sending 5V.

It needs a high current supply - the full 2.4Amps preferably or multiple lower current supplies (which is why there are two USB connectors).


FWIW, an additional data point:

I have a MAX Transit with a single modem and was getting intermittent reboots with a single USB power supply. After connecting both USB cables the configuration has been 100% stable.

It is possible each USB socket was not providing full amperage to the modem. The deployment is in an RV and I lack the specs for the USB sockets.

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Its a good point. The MAX transit specs say 18W max. So even if a single 2.4A 5V USB supply were 100% efficient you’d only get 12W from it. Dual USB power then is preferable.

In my USB powered applications (mainly portable temp internet access) I rarely push the transit to its limits. Its only a single user on wifi, no wifi wan typically and not maxing out throughput. In those instances a single USB connection from a good quality high power battery works well.

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I’ve seen this error several times, mostly the problem was a bad USB cable
If two SIM cards are installed and a tunnel is also to be built, then the device needs more power. The error pattern seems to be due to insufficient voltage

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Thanks for the posts. I tried adding a second USB power source and the router did work. By all appearances, I was doing things correctly using just one USB power cable but adding the second one did the trick. There must not have been enough power from the one USB source, even though it was rated as 5V.

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