Max Transit Duo 2.4 WIFI WAN drops internal WIFI SSID

I have a Max Transit Duo and I’m using 2 different sims which everything works great. My internal wifi is fine and I don’t have issues with it. I can even use the 5GHz WIFI WAN and all is still good.

However, if I enable the 2.4GHz WIFI WAN, it kills my internal WIFI. It stops broadcasting the SSID and my devices lose connection until I disable the 2.4GHz WIFI WAN then the SSID pops back up and everything is fine again.

I am on the latest 8.1.1 but I have had this problem for probably the last 3 or so versions that I was aware of. I have reset my transit and stared from scratch. I don’t have anything unusual for my AP config.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @jhardin80,

I would suggest to open a ticket so our support team could take a look at your device. You can create a ticket using this link:

What channel is the wifi-wan source on? Hard code your client wifi channel to the same and see if that improves things.

I have found that auto-channels is problematic combined with wifi-wan.

You are saying make my Wifi WAN channel and AP 2.4GHZ channel the same on the transit? I set both to 6 and 11. Still does the same thing. Thank you for replying

I’m having the same issue on a Surf Soho MK3. Also running 8.1.1, but had the issue on prior versions. Seems multiple rebooting of the router and/or the Wifi Wan source solves it temporarily. Is there any additional insight or resolution ideas available?

Same here. I just installed 8.1.2 5114 and when I enabled the 2.4Ghz my other devices actually stayed connected for a little while but then after about a day one device was disconnected again so I rebooted the transit and now it’s connected so I will see how long it stays connected.

Do you have a ticket open with them?

I do have an active ticket open. They had me try several different 8.x versions, but all had the issue. I’m now running a 7.x version and all has been good. So it appears it was something introduced in v8. I hope we can figure it out. I’ll keep this thread updated.

Having the exact same issue; interested in hearing if anything (other than dropping to 7.x) has been figured out the last couple weeks?

I just checked the ticket, and no update yet. Presume they are working to identify the root cause and develop a fix. Looking forward to getting this resolved. I’m giving up a lot of features running v7. I will update here when there is news.

I had to go the AP One route and effectively separated the transmit radios (AP One) and the receive radios (Transit Max Cat 18 WiFi as WAN). Full details here: